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Janice, New Zealand Janice, New Zealand

Aithein has it all: Great teacher, great location away from the madding crowd, and a great massage learning atmosphere. And lovely people to socialise with at Agonda Beach. It is very near to the beach. This was good because I like to soak up the sun. There are also parties nearby for those who want, and backwaters and markets to explore. I found it a brilliant cross between Westernised India and the full Hindi experience. Best of all, the massage learning experience is truly excellent. They are able to provide various courses. The days start with class in the divine shala. Then it's up to you which course you have taken. You will need to fill your day until afternoon class or evening class. All in all, I strongly recommend Aithein for an all-round holiday with excellent massage learning experience.
Cindy Park, Australia Cindy Park, Australia

Dear Gagori,

You truly are a beautiful flower! Your philosophy of giving back is so very apparent in your teaching style. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you. You have created such a beautiful learning environment. I have especially enjoyed that you bring the learning beyond the body to the spirit of massage. Bless you!
Megan Olson, USA Megan Olson, USA

The swedish course has been more than adequate and very interesting and enjoyable. The service and responses from the instructor have been amazing and prompt. Learning with The Aithein Company has been an extremely professional, positive and enjoyable experience. Thank you very much!
Nikita, India Nikita, India

The course was very well organized with the appropriate information provided. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of the self-healing information and the info on correct postures while giving a truly healing massage. My clients really enjoy this massage routine and always pre-book for their next one!
Joshua, France Joshua, France

The most exciting element that I found in the course and with your website is that any individual, just like me with no experience, can be initiated into the magical world of massage. It is not required to be a professional therapist to understand and you can start learning with no difficulty. The instructor leads you through the course, step by step, clearly, easily and with lots of fun. After the course, I gave my first treatment with absolute success. My clients love it. If you are eager to learn more about your body, take this course. You will have great time learning.
Nicole, Germany Nicole, Germany

Hi Gagori, I thank you for my education because believe it or not, many people have told me that there seems to be a "run of the mill" type of massage service at least in this area and they consider my massage to be "refreshingly helpful". I credit you for teaching me to be "intune" with my client's needs, not just sticking to the "routine" of things. I am a better therapist for that, so THANKS!
Mahshid, Iran Mahshid, Iran

This was an extremely positive experience for me. Coming into the class I was not sure what to expect, but found myself immediately becoming comfortable with the program and the teachers. I think what I valued the most from the beginning was the perspective that the teacher brought to the classes. This variety helps us as students find methods and attitudes toward massage that can match our personal feelings and abilities. I enjoyed each teacher equally and took valuable insight from every meeting. I also commend the selection of peers were loving, generous people who were easy to work with and learn from. This was a stellar class and I'm proud to have played a part in it.
Stacy, USA Stacy, USA

I heard about your massage school from a close friend who attended class there. She received a wonderful education and gives a great massage. I've looked at a number of schools, and Aithein Bodywork School seems like the best choice for me because of the hands-on education and the level of mastery the students come away from the program with.

For the gift you have given us all, the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to give back. Thank you for giving the world a choice and creating a life-changing school.
Amanda, UK Amanda, UK

I'm so very happy with my choice of attending Aithein School. I've been looking at a good massage school for the last 9 years and finally found one that fits my schedule at a price I can afford. The integrity of the people running and instructing the school represents truly what I believe in and is a wonderful example of what the trade of massage is all about. I am a small business owner and feel the quality of training I am receiving goes above and beyond what is out there with the corporate schools as the setting is appropriate for me and my learning needs. Truly a fabulous choice!
Nikki, Hong Kong Nikki, Hong Kong

Gagori is a very nice woman, very patient, friendly and will go out of her way to make sure you actually learn. She lets you practice over and over until you are confident. I truly enjoyed the massage training experience and also her hospitality and relaxed atmosphere. I could take as many breaks as I want, make myself at home; enjoy coffee and even food when I was hungry. Not only she was my teacher but also became a friend in a very short time. I wish her a beautiful life!
Poneh, Iran Poneh, Iran

It was a really wonderful experience. The course was very well taught and the exercise book with the techniques was very precise and helpful. Gagori is a brilliant Teacher, kind and patient more than willing to help if we got stuck. We really enjoyed our course and we will surely be back in Aithein at Agonda Beach and make sure to book another course! Will definitely tell all of our friends to come.
Christine, USA Christine, USA

"What I love most about this school is simply the people here. The teacher is very kind, helpful and, most importantly, expert in her field. The students here are fun and interesting. It's been easy for me to relax and enjoy learning."
Kasra, USA Kasra, USA

The faculty at Aithein are very clear and knowledgeable teachers who not only expertly pass on the physical practice of this ancient art, but also the essential spiritual elements that this lineage has to offer.

When I decided to explore Thai Massage I was in a "massage rut", finding myself repeating the same old routine over and over again, and what I've learned has brought new life into my work.

For me, Thai Massage blurs the line between giving and receiving because it feels so great to give a treatment as well as to receive, which has been wonderful for both me and my clients.
Monica, France Monica, France

I recently did a Thai Yoga Massage course at Aithein in Goa and was blown away by how 'intrinsically intelligent' it is. And I love being able to work on a mat and combine stretching and massage.
Shiela, UK Shiela, UK

I first heard about Thai Yoga Massage from a couple of my clients. Of all the Massages they've ever had, Thai Yoga Massage was the most profound - An 'OUT OF BODY' experience they said. After pondering that for a couple years I took the plunge and got my first Thai Yoga Massage followed closely by my first training course at Aithein. I am still having an 'Out of Body' experience! The intelligent nature of this treatment is quite profound and I am now able to serve my clients in an enormously improved and comprehensive manner. I highly recommend experiencing and learning Thai Yoga Massage - And Aithein is a great place to do it. Their knowledge of Thai Yoga Massage and their ability to teach it is exceptional.

Aithein gave me an invaluable foundation of knowledge and tools from which to build my practice. Equally important, Aithein gave me incredible confidence, even as a new massage therapist entering the world of bodywork. Even before graduating from Aithein, I felt comfortable with my ability to do not just satisfactory work, but exceptional work. Aithein holds a special place in my life for all it has taught me, not only about massage therapy, but about myself. To me, Aithein means deep and powerful learning, openness, peace, connection, confidence, and friendship. Aithein changed my life, and it inevitably changes the lives of all who walk through its inviting doors."
Samantha, France Samantha, France

"At Aithein I gained the professional skills to provide effective massage therapy, along with a much greater insight into life in general. All of this provided in a wonderfully accepting and nurturing atmosphere. Many things I learned at Aithein I am using, not only in my massage practice, but also in other aspects of my life. Becoming aware of my learning style was such a revelation and helps me learn more efficiently today. Thanks for helping me to look at myself in a different way and to appreciate and accept my uniqueness.
Karim, France Karim, France

"I absolutely treasure my experience as a student at Aithein. One of the most valuable aspects of the program is the attention given to each student and to individual learning styles. My teachers were able to create an atmosphere that both encouraged and excited me to learn. When prospective clients ask me where I got my training in massage, I'm proud to tell them I studied at Aithein. Aithein is a recognized name in professional massage training and has earned the respect of both healthcare professionals and the public."
Mimi, Indonesia Mimi, Indonesia

The teaching methods were excellent and very thorough and easy to understand .Great to meet new people; the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. This was very relaxing and therapeutic as I was tired when I got here. The teaching of the techniques was very relaxed and interactive to all levels of experience and knowledge. Easy going and good pace.

Thank you for another invaluable addition to my skill base .Will definitely incorporate the techniques in my relaxation and remedial massages. Glad I found you on the net will definitely be back.
Fredrique, France Fredrique, France

We are a husband and wife team who graduated from Aithein in March 2010. After being out of school for a little over a year we are already the owners and operators of a full time massage business! Shortly after graduation we began seeking employment from spas, salons, chiropractors and everywhere else. Quickly it became apparent that if we wanted to support ourselves with just massage we would need to start our own business. We became driven, motivated and passionate about letting as many people know about massage as possible. We realized that we couldn't merely "sell" massage, we had to sell ourselves. People put a lot of trust into the hands of any health care provider and massage is no exception. Presenting ourselves as professionals, taking continuing educations and caring for our clients' individual needs has been the key to our success. When we first started with less than 10 clients and an empty schedule it would have been easy to quit. But nothing worth doing is ever easy. We stayed the course and it was the best decision we ever made. We are now both able to do massage full time and maintain an income to support ourselves. Every month our business grows and the longer we are in the field the more grateful we are for the excellent teachers and support we had at Aithein.
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