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Our purpose at Aithein Yoga Retreat is to help plan and organize yoga retreat in a stunning destination, Agonda, Goa(India), giving teachers and practitioners, beautiful, sacred places to inspire, recharge and connect with themselves.

Our Yoga Retreat offers a healing environment that is extraordinary for the holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul. Using nature's own remedies, our aim is to advise and inform you towards your utmost health potential.
We believe that it is your right to be healthy and strong in your mind and body.
Clients who have attended our yoga retreats report a new found inspiration for yoga because of the beautiful serene beach of Goa, closeness with nature and their freedom to disconnect with technology and their busy lives. The result: Transformation of body and mind leaves participants stronger, grounded and centered.

What Is Advaya Yoga?

Yoga_Retreat_Goa_India_Pic1 On the surface, Advaya Yoga is a modern and simple form of physical yoga, developed from ancient vajrayana, kriya and Taoist practices. Essentially, it is a natural way of life. Advaya Yoga gets us out of the limited space of our heads and into vastness of our being. It is a way to feel more satisfied and to genuinely radiate contentment and satisfaction - partaking in the beauty of being alive. By making us feel fully embodied and present, it makes us automatically feel secure in our own nature.

As a daily discipline, it starts as a simple energy exercise regimen, with a focus on energizing and relaxing body and mind. From relaxation a deep awakening of the senses unfolds. Advaya Yoga can evoke vigor, joy and enthusiasm, and reconnect us with our primary experience, thus enhancing creativity.

Based on the relaxation it helps uncover, it then proceeds to guide us to awaken awareness and perception to their fullness. By vitalizing body, breath and mind, it generates the three types of intelligence that modern life requires: mental alertness and flexibility, as well as emotional and social intelligence.

As yoga it seems the ideal approach for our times. Mostly secular in its methodology it uses the ordinary to uncover the extraordinary. It teaches how by cherishing what is good about our own life we can outgrow and transcend existence's more restricting or even meaner aspects.

When practiced at the introductory level Advaya Yoga is a simple but precise yoga regimen that guarantees to significantly increase energy levels, perk up fitness and strengthen and tone the body.

Yoga_Retreat_Goa_India_Pic1 Based on several ancient systems of yoga, Advaya Yoga has simplified the techniques of these original sources to a degree that even a ten year old can practice at least some of them, or a seventy year old. Unlike any other kind of exercise system, at the introductory stages anyone can master Advaya Yoga - regardless of age and fitness.

Each movement is specifically designed to work on different areas of the body, while helping to gain or regain overall strength and flexibility. But, most importantly, these moves will increase energy levels, stamina and vitality.

Advaya Yoga can also be spiritually deeply satisfying, as many have experienced it as one of the best tools to support quiet sitting meditation and deep self-inquiry: the reason being that while Advaya Yoga significantly raises the energy level in the body it likewise calms the mind and supports a sense of inner openness and tranquility.

The Format of a Typical Advaya Yoga Class...
There is no limit to the possibilities of presenting Advaya Yoga. All formats are fine: from regular once weekly classes, through 3-day weekend workshops, to short term seminars of three to five or seven days, or even long-term retreats lasting from 21 days up to three months. However, for beginners weekend workshops and short seminars of three to seven days duration will be most suitable. Each workshop and retreat will be guided by a particular theme such as:
  • Awakening Energy
  • Opening the Heart
  • Deepening Relaxation
  • Refreshing the Senses
  • Developing Balance

The selection of a particular focus simply depends on the specific needs and aims of any particular group or setting.

Advaya Yoga - "Awakening Energy" Program

The program is non-residential, including several short breaks.
The focus is to introduce some of the more stimulating Advaya Yoga exercises to get the energy up and flowing. This is the necessary first step. Very often, the development in Advaya Yoga takes the practitioner from energizing experiences, through a deep sense of relaxation on to nourishing the senses, and from there to calm abiding and compassionate equanimity, based on insight into one's nature. However, without the first step of energizing the bodymind system none of this will come to pass.

Benefits of a purposeful Yoga Retreat:
  • Yoga retreats enables a person to take time out from their everyday stresses, imposed by their normal living conditions and their working lives.
  • A yoga retreat is an ideal way to relax and recharge. It can also help to physically tone up the body, externally and internally.
  • Yoga Retreats, in general, are held in very different surroundings - closer to nature or at places where there is a lot of raw positive energy. This reason alone is worth exploring suitable yoga retreats.
  • At a yoga retreat, you will experience a more-or-less homogenous group of people, all enthusiastic about learning more about themselves, each other and about yoga philosophy. Being in such groups itself has an energizing effect that you would not find in other holiday settings. Another benefit of a Yoga Retreat.
  • Through a Yoga Retreat you will gather tools through practices and techniques that will hold you in good stead and help cope with all that life has to offer.
  • A purposeful Yoga retreat provides you a conducive environment to witness the journey within - by working on your body and mind. Through this, you get a wonderful 'fuller' feeling at the end of your holiday.
The ancient practice of yoga can transform individuals on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It can lead to better health; a stronger, peaceful mind; and ultimately happiness. Quite simply, we believe that if more people practiced yoga the world would be a better place. At Aithein Yoga Retreat, we strive to offer inspiring locales to devote to the practice and teachings of yoga.

Prior to arriving at our yoga retreat facility, the instructors have already setup a schedule of activities to facilitate in a deeper yoga experience. Most yoga sessions are done in the morning, in the afternoon, or during the evening. Here, you are taught yoga methods and techniques that you can use for a more effective practice.

At Aithein, we carefully plan our yoga retreat to remain peaceful, powerful and ecologically sound.
For your perfect yoga holiday - retreat to Agonda, GOA, India.
We conduct Advaya Yoga Retreat at Agonda, GOA, India.


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